HGHY Paper Tray Making Machine

Featuring a slight draft angle, Paper Tray Making Machine specializes in crafting premium, eco-friendly molded fiber packaging. It is well-suited for producing pulp-molded paper trays, as well as refined, high-grade linings or outer packaging for items such as mobile phones, daily necessities, and digital products, ensuring top-notch quality.


Daily Capacity: 80,000 – 90,000 Lids (Base On 80 / 90mm Cup Lid)

HGHY Paper Pulp Tray Manufacturers

Negative Angle Buckle, Better Elegance and No-leak

Multiple patented tech ensure high precision, efficient and stable running.

Platen Size: 950 or 1430 x 750 mm

Prepress equipped for negative angle
Max. Pressure 55Ton

Main Features

  • Boasts high precision and exceptional stability.
  • Capable of producing paper trays with angles less than 0 degrees (including upside down orientation) without the need for edge hoop processing.
  • Features a two-in-one design for forming and hot pressing.
  • Integrates trimming and punching for cost-effectiveness and reduced production line downtime.
  • Achieves a demolding angle of 0 degrees with an R0.3 radius for IP packaging.
  • Offers accurate adjustment of position, pressure, and temperature.

Technical Parameters

Model ZJWD-9575W Pulp Thermoforming Machine
Machine Structure Transfer Station x1, Hotpress Upper Station x1, Forming Station x1, Hotpress Lower Station x1
Platen Size 950 × 750 mm
Working Pressure Hotpress 30 Ton
Cycle Time 100-120 Seconds for Most Products
Heating Energy Electricity / Conduction Oil
Raw Material Paper Pulp
Max Product Height 80 mm / Can Be Customized for Deeper Product
Production Application Inner Packaging for Smart Phone, Cosmetics, Electronic Products, etc Preferable Choice for More and More Packaging Solution

Production Process

HGHY Paper Pulp Tray Manufacturers is composed of pulping system, multiple sets of main system (including forming, hotpressing, trimming, stacking and robot), auxiliary system, making pulp molded tableware and food packagings.


Project Cases



paper tray making machine

Raw Material

Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Bagasse Pulp

Bagasse is a by-product of sugar mills and a typical raw material for paper fiber. The average fiber length is 1.47-3.04mm, and the fiber length of bagasse is 1.0-2.34mm. It has the advantages of moderate strength and moderate toughness. It is currently the most suitable raw material for pulp molding products. Currently, sugarcane is mostly used in lunch boxes and tableware products. Paper Tray Making Machine utilizes this slag fiber as a primary input for crafting paper trays. Additionally, some high-end mobile phone holders and cosmetic packaging also utilize this raw material, demonstrating its versatility and sustainability.

Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Bamboo Pulp

The process of creating paper trays involves using a Paper Tray Making Machine. Bamboo serves as an excellent choice for this purpose due to its remarkable properties. Bamboo is an incredibly fast-regenerating raw material, making it highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is odorless, naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

Pulp Molding Tableware Machine

Wood Pulp

Paper Tray Making Machine falls under the category of machinery used in the production of paper trays. Wood pulp is pulp made from wood. According to pulping materials, pulping methods, and pulp uses, etc., it can be roughly divided into two categories: coniferous wood and hardwood. Paper Tray Making Machine plays a crucial role in the process of transforming wood pulp into functional and sustainable paper trays.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take from order to ship?

The estimated production time will be around  130 days, from the receipt of order, deposit payment and/or L/C. 

Do you send engineers to installation?

Our company will arrange 2 people as guide installers, and the customer will arrange installers. It usually spents 60-90 days that depends on the number of equipment purchased.

Does your machine have a high rate of return? How long will it take to return?

The rate of return is high, and it usually pays back in 2-3 years.

How many countries used your equipment ?

HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 60 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production.

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