Our Vision

Be the benchmark of pulp molding equipment and technology, and create an international brand that lasts for a century.

Who We Are

HGHY based out of Guangzhou Science City, is into Pulp Molding Complete Solutions excelling in creating world class sustainable molded packaging products for many diversified applications, such as food packaging trays for egg, fruit, drinks and wine; one-off food service items like plates, bowls, lunchboxes and clamshells; and all kinds of protective and branding packaging for consumer electronics, cosmetics, home appliances and many industrial products.

Today, HGHY is standing out by 2 series of technology. One for the Dry Type, the world class double rotary forming machine is capable of making 55 blowoffs per minute; another for Wet Type, the all-in-one thermoforming machine is capable of making zero degree drafting in molding accuracy. Both technologies has been selling well over past decades, known for excellent efficiency, performance and reliability.

Thanks to the dedicated sales and engineering team, HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 60 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production, and have been rewarded with abundant know-how and expertise, which ensuring higher level of service on helping our customers to gain greater success. Our experience of working with Industry leaders like fortune 500 companies will get you value and peace of mind deliveries.

HGHY started in 1995
Three operating agencies
6 Industry Standard Drafting
160+ Patent Certification
0 +
Sales to 60+ countries around the world
0 +
Serving more than 10000+ customers

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